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Linen Basket

If you have built-in bathroom furniture in your bathroom it is sometimes possible to have the linen basket concealed inside on of the units. If, however, you do not have this type of bathroom then you are going to need a free standing basket in which you can store your laundry.

Linen baskets come in all shapes and sizes. There is also a whole host of materials used for the manufacturer of the baskets. Their storage capacity for linen will vary depending on the overall size - so make sure the item you select will be large enough to cope with the amount of laundry you expect it to contain.

Materials used include

  • wicker linen basket
  • stainless steel linen basked
  • wooden linen basket
  • plastic linen basket

so there should something available that will tie-in with you overall bathroom design without being tto obtrusive.


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