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Hinged Cubicle Door

The siting of a cubicle can be in the corner of the room or sometimes in a recess or alcove. In recess situations the structural walls of the room will make up three sides of the shower with some form of shower door making up the fourth side at the front. The door provides access  and keeps shower water inside the cubicle when the shower is in operation.



The example illustrated below utilises a hinged shower cubicle door. The hinges are attached to the frame of the cubicle and fixed directly through the frameless glass panel that acts as the door. The seals are all attached to the frame leaving the door with a clean look, free from "clutter"

hinged shower cubicle door

As the hinges are bolted directly through the pane the glass needs to be stronger than the glass usually found in shower doors with frames and is usually considerably thicker and made from toughened safety glass. Shower door handles are also attached directly to or through the door panel.

This cubicle has had the three walls covered in a waterproof wall panelling system rather than bathroom tiles. Advantages of this type of wall finish include low maintenance, easy cleaning and ease of installation. The panels are stuck directly to the walls and run down to the shower tray where they are sealed to ensure a watertight fit.