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Wall Hung Hand Basin

Wall hung basins, as the name implies, are hung directly on the wall.

Small cloakroom basins (which are also suitable for an en-suite bathroom) are attached using special brackets. Larger wall hung basins rest on a special semi-pedestal that holds up the basin and covers the basin waste pipe.

When installing a wall hung basin it is important to ensure that the wall on which it is mounted is structurally sound, as it will take all of the load - there is no pedestal to transfer the load downward. Most manufacturers of this type of basin will supply the correct fixings to ensure they are up to the job of anchoring it in place securely.

Because wall hung basins have no pedestal touching the floor so they can make the room feel more "open". This should be taken into consideration when establishing a design for a small bathroom. This has resulted in many manufacturers increasing their range of wall hung basins as customers try more and more to maximise the available space - space, which in many cases is not that great.

Choosing the wall on which this type of hand basin is to be mounted is also important as the waste pipe needs to exit through the wall directly behind the basin. It is possible to return the pipes down the wall but this would result in all of the pipework being visible, which is not that aesthetically pleasing. This also applies to the supply pipes - they should feed the basin from behind the wall or they will also be visible.




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