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Frameless Shower Screen

Any overbath shower will require some form of screen or barrier to ensure the water spray is kept where it should be - in the bath.



Shower screens are a very popular option when looking for a solution to this problem. There are many different types (see our bath shower screen  section for information on all of the different options). Frameless shower screens are a popular choice and can be cheap to buy, with many available online.

As the glass component of this type of shower screen is frameless they are ideal for use in a small bathroom as a frame delineates the edge of the screen making it more visible.

The frameless shower screen is attached to the wall via a metal wall post. Some are available in white others in silver or polished silver (gold effect are now less common than they once were). White is ideal if you have white ceramic tiles and polished silver better if you have coloured or patterned tiles as it will reflect some of this colour back. The frameless screen itself is attached to the wall plate via a hinge which enables the screen to pivot to make access easier to the taps or shower mixer and also for cleaning. To open it out it is vital that there are no protrusions, such as wash hand basins, that could cause damage or prevent it from opening fully. It is possible to pivot them inside the bath but they will only lie flat against the wall if there are no taps in the way, and the bath is wider than the shower screen. Some frameless screens have a small fixed panel prior to the hinge. This enables the frameless glass to pivot without the taps getting in the way - again, providing the bath is wider than the bath shower screen.

The glass screen itself is usually of an arched or sail shape but there are some square shaped screens available. Some also have a built in towel rail which are convenient but they do make the unit more visible.