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Folding Shower Screen

Although frameless screens can pivot, their range of movement is limited and they are permanently on view. A folding shower screen is an alternative that can stowed away when not in use.



The screen consists of a wall post and several panels connected together via hinges. The number of panels can vary and include:

The more panels included with the screen the larger the shower area afforded by the screen. Each section has its own rubber or PVC seal at the bottom of the screen panel. Sometimes water can leak through this seal, either at the bottom or through the hinge mechanism - especially on cheap folding shower screens.

Folding shower screens can sometimes be used on corner bath, providing the hinge mechanism allows the sections of the screen to follow the curve of the bath. Not all screens can do this so always check with your retailer or showroom before buying to ensure it is suitable for use on a corner bath.

Although the folding mechanism allows the screen to concertina up when folded, the closed unit can still be quite bulky although in comparison with a large panel screen it does not cut the room in half when not in use. The closed unit is no more bulky than a stowed shower curtain but an Outasight (which is a concealed shower curtain system) is probably the neatest option for overbath showering.