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En-Suite Cubicle

The space in a lot of en-suite shower rooms can be pretty limited so most cubicles used in these situations tend to be fitted wall to wall. The example below shows an en-suite cubicle with a door fitted across the front with the walls making up the other three sides and a shower tray on the floor.



The door itself is of a bi-fold design opening into the cubicle rather than out into the room which is ideal as there is a wall hung basin in the room which could hinder the opening of a hinged or pivot door and could potentially be a hazard should such a door bang into the basin. Wall hung basins are common in en-suites as they are usually small in size and have no pedestal (which takes up floor space and "fills" the room just that little bit more). As there is no pedestal the pipework for the basin is exposed so the neatest option is to duct the pipes through the en-suite wall as has been done in this case.

en-suite shower cubicle

An electric shower has been used here and is fitted to the right hand wall as we look at the image. A slider rail kit consisting of a tubular wall bracket, shower hose and spray head is fitted to the side of the electric shower.

All cubicles will need to have the walls finished with a waterproof surface which in many cases will be provided by bathroom tiles. This particular en-suite has been decorated with bathroom cladding as an alternative to using tiles. The panels fitted inside the cubicle but also extend around the rest of the room. This provides an nice, light appearance and ensure a low maintenance room as the panels just require a quick wipe over - there is no grout to discolour or turn mouldy.