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Corner Sink

A corner sink is ideal for installing in rooms where space is at a premium such as a cloakroom or en-suite. Corner sinks are very compact and are usually wall hung on brackets that come supplied with the sink that are designed to be fitted into a mosonry wall. If this is the case then you must ensure that the wall that it is going to be attached to is suitable - stud walls might require extra support where the sink is to be sited. 



There are some sinks that come with their own pedestal or semi pedestal making them particularly suitable for incorporating into a small bathroom design as the make very efficient use of space. Some glass sinks can also be mounted in the corner of a room.

If the corner sink is wall hung then you should try to ensure that the supply and waste pipes can be fed from behind, because there is no pedestal to hide any of the pipework.

The taps used on a corner basin need to be chosen carefully as this type of sink is usually quite small with a limited space for tap placement. Large, chunky designs can look a little out of place so opt for small, neat taps that will not look out of place. Some sinks will have 2 tap holes, requiring a pair of basin taps, others will have 1 tap hole, requiring a basin mixer tap. Bathroom catalogues and price lists will sometimes abreviate these to 1TH or 2TH.