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Cloakroom Basin

Cloakroom basins are generally quite small and neat and are usually wall hung. When installing a cloakroom basin you should try to ensure that the supply and waste pipes can be fed from behind, because there is no pedestal to hide any pipes.



If you have are very small bathroom and are struggling to fit all of the components into your bathroom design, then it is sometimes possible to use a cloakroom basin in place of a standard bathroom sink. Some manufacturers offer cloakroom basins that can be used in conjunction with a pedestal if space is at a premium and you need a very small bathroom sink.

If you are to install the cloakroom basin directly on the wall with no pedestal then you must ensure that the wall is suitable to take the strain. If fitted to a stud wall the fixings for the wall brackets need to be screwed into the studs or a noggin as the plasterboard alone will not give a solid enough fixing.

If there is no pedestal the basin trap will also be visible so chrome traps are available that look a little more attractive than the standard white plastic units. These are usually of the "P" trap design, where the waste water is directed horizontally out through the wall behind the cloakroom basin.