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Bathroom Cladding Gallery

Bathroom cladding can produce some amazing effects - as can be seen in the following photos. The panels can totally transform any bathroom into a bright, clean, easy to live with environment.

Beige tile effect bathroom cladding

Firenze Beige marble effect cladding

pink marble bathroom cladding

Ligno 10 Blue wood effect cladding

Allure gloss white bathroom cladding

Glacier Grey mosaic effect cladding

Bathroom cladding is available in a wide range of attractive finishes with something to suit most bathrooms, be they traditional or contemporary.

Wood effect cladding can be used in place of traditional timber tongue and groove cladding but can also be used in areas that would be unsuitable for timber cladding namely shower enclosures. Most  woodgrain effects tend to be printed on but there are some panels available with a textured finish. Marble effect cladding is perfect for all around the bathroom as a complete wall covering. The overall look is similar to ceramic tiles but there are some panels available that are designed to mimic the look of tiles themselves.

If you are thinking of opting for this modern alternative to tiles but are unsure then the pros and cons of bathroom cladding can be seen here and see for yourself the range of benefits this easy to live with product can provide.

This form of cladding does not have to limited to use in the bathroom - it is perfectly suitable for any internal room in the home. As well as bathroom walls it is also suitable for use on a bathroom ceiling and has the added benefit of never needing to painted or varnished as is the case with most other ceiling finishes.