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Bi-Fold Shower Door

This image illustrates the use of a bi-fold shower door fitting inside a cubicle positioned in a recess where there are walls on three sides. The door can be seen in the open position whereby it is folded back on itself to allow access into the shower. This action has two advantages:

  1. the door does not open into the room - ideal if space is limited
  2. any water on the door runs down inside the cubicle and falls into the tray



The shower door slides on runners contained within the frame - this can be a slight downside as these channels can get blocked up with soap residue and can require cleaning to ensure the roller can run smoothly. Also bi-fold doors can be a little more awkward to use if the occupant is large or the showering area small.

The frame finish on this door is polished silver which resembles a chrome finish. It is not exactly the same but is close enough to be used when the rest of the room is equipped with chrome taps and fittings.

Usually the inside of a shower cubicle is tiled with bathroom tiles but in this instance the customer has opted to use waterproof wall panels in their place. The slider rail kit is attached to a thermostatic shower mixer which has been installed so that all of the pipework supplying it has been hidden behind the wall panels, resulting in a very neat appearance.

bi-fold shower door on a recessed cubicle

The panels were only installed in the shower cubicle to make for an easy to clean, no-maintenance surface the rest of the room remained covered with tiles as can be seen just outside the door frame on the left.