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Bathroom Towels

Good quality bathroom towels can add a real touch of luxury to your bathroom.



Fluffy cotton towels have the best absorbency but can be quite bulky to fold which can be a problem if you have to thread them through a heated towel rail. Waffle pattern towels are easier to fold but are a bit less absorbent.

Your choice of bathroom towel can even have an effect on the verall bathroom design. Many small bathrooms use white and light colours extensiveley to make the room feel as light and airy as possible. The downside of this is that the room can seema little "clinical" and cold - but adding brightly coloured towels can really give the room a lift, especially when combined with co-ordinating bathroom blinds and or curtains. Coloured towels are also a little more practical in everyday use but white bathroom towels are the most difficult to keep looking immaculate, but a nice pile of fluffy white towels does look extremely attractive.

With proper care, towels should last for many years. You should avoid excessive use of fabric conditioner when washing your bathroom towels as this can reduce the absorbency and make them less efective. You should also avoid using bleach. Darker coloured towels should be washed separately to avoid colour runs. If any loops of the cotton get pulled out, trim them with a scissors to avoid further damage to the material.