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Bathroom Mirror

As well as being a functional product, a bathroom mirror can play a part in your overall bathroom design. A large, well placed mirror can make a small bathroom appear bigger than it actually is - the smaller the room, the bigger the mirror required to achieve the effect.



If ready made mirrors are just not big enough it is also possible to have mirrors cut to size - a local glass merchant or glazier should be able to help. The mirror can be drilled enabling it to be fixed directly to the wall will mirror screws. Mirrors can also be fixed with mirrors brackets or stuck to the wall with a suitable adhesive. 

There is a huge range of off-the-shelf bathroom mirrors available with varying shapes, sizes and styles. Some are available with back-lights that shine through various sections of the mirror while others feature heating pads that keep the surface warm and preventing them misting up in steamy conditions.

Mirror tiles are also available but make sure that they are suitable for use in bathrooms otherwise they could be prone to silvering. These are available in different sizes including small mosaic mirrors that are supplied on a mat already aligned. These mirror tiles then need to fitted and in most cases grouted as well (the grout can help prevent moisture penetrating behind the mirror surface.