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Bathroom Laminate Flooring

You should be very careful when selecting laminate flooring, as many manufacturers will not guarantee their product for use in bathrooms.



There are specific ranges of laminate flooring designed for use in kitchens and bathrooms, but even these will have severe restrictions attached to them to ensure they are not affected by spilled water. Most laminate floors are made a fibre board core, and if water penetrates into this core, damage will result.

Those manufacturers that make bathroom laminate flooring may stipulate that the floor must be installed using the "floating floor" principle. Toilets, bidets, pedestals and some free-standing baths need to be anchored to the floor, but fixing them through the laminate can stop the floor from "floating" and invalidate the guarantee.



easy to clean
not much preparation req.
some cheap boards available  (but they are not always  suitable for bathrooms)

water spills can damage  boards
slippery when wet
bathroom installation can  affect guarantee

Check with your supplier for the approved installation method before buying the flooring.

Providing the sub-floor is perfectly flat and level, installation can be a very quick process, especially with the advent of the glue-less "click" systems.