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Glass Bathroom Sink

The rise in popularity of contemporary bathroom design has meant many that cutting edge products are available in the UK market. The glass bathroom sink is one such product.

Depending on the design, a glass sink can be wall mounted, pedestal mounted or used in conjunction with a bathroom vanity unit.



Most glass bathroom sinks are designed to be used in conjunction with a specific basin tap mixer, basin waste and basin trap, and are consequently sold as a "package". If you decide to buy these items separately it is essential that you are told which types of taps, waste and trap are suitable to with your choice of glass sink. Try and buy the glass sink, basin mixer tap and waste from the same source, to avoid any problems. The mixer taps needs to be the correct height to enable it to reach over the lip of the sink. You should also note that most glass sinks do not have an overflow so the pop-up waste needs to be "unslotted" or it will not be suitable (where there is an overflow on a sink it enters the waste through a slot in the waste body)

If the glass basin is to be wall mounted then several factors need to be taken into consideration. The main issue will be the suitability of the wall chosen to site the sink. This needs to sturdy enough to support the weight. If you are fitting to a hollow stud wall the brackets will usually need to be screwed into the studs as you will not get a secure enough fixing into the plasterboard alone. The plus point of this type of wall is that the pipework can be run inside the cavity so it does not have to exposed. On a masonry bathroom wall it is sometimes possible to chase out the wall in which you can sink the supply pipes to the glass sink. The waste can then be run out horizontally through the wall. Exposed supply and waste pipes running up the wall will spoil the appearance, which defeats the object of installing a glass sink in the first place as their main advantage is that of visual impact.