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 Bathroom Floor Tiles - Ceramic

There are ceramic floor tiles available that will compliment any style of bathroom or shower room.



Prices are very reasonable and the choice of styles, materials, sizes and colours is huge. Choosing bathroom flooring is not always as easy as it should be as the floor substrate and the application can make certain products unsuitable to install. Ceramic tiles can be fitted to wooden bathroom floors - special adhesives need to be used and the correct preparation is vital, otherwise tiles will work loose and the grout will crack.

ceramic bathroom floor tiles

Many ceramic floor tiles are designed to imitate the look of natural stone. Natural stone has become very popular in recent years as its cost has come down considerably making floor tiles made from stone much more affordable. There are a few disadvantages to the natural product over the man-made equivalent, mainly the issue of maintenance and cleaning. Natural stone tiles are more porous than ceramic tiles and require sealing prior to use to avoid staining. They also have to be cleaned carefully as harsh chemicals can affect the surface of the stone.

There are some non-slip finishes available but on the whole most ceramic tiles tend to be relatively smooth. It is advisable to have a bathroom mat or some other non-slip area available for drying off as tiles can be very slippery when wet.

Wetrooms are now very popular, where the whole shower room acts as a giant shower cubicle. Ideally, there should be a solid floor so that ceramic tiles can be used in this type of installation. Their fitting is critical to achieve a totally waterproof finish as well as the correct "falls" to ensure adequate drainage. There are now special systems available specifically designed for use in wetrooms that allow ceramic tiles to fitted on wooden floors. A shower tray area is provided that replaces some of the floorboards - this has the necessary falls built into it which is then tiled over. Manufacturers of these types of wetroom systems for floor tiles include Tile-Safe

An alternative to ceramic tiles in wetrooms is suitable vinyl flooring but this needs to be installed professionally to ensure a seamless surface that returns up the wall to give a completely waterproof floor.



relatively cheap
waterproof (if laid properly)
hard wearing
huge choice
easy to clean

slippery when wet
cold underfoot
surface to be tiled needs to be  correctly prepared