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Bathroom Carpet

Still one of the most popular choices of floor covering in UK bathrooms, carpet does make a bathroom feel warm and inviting.



Carpet is not cold underfoot and is non-slip which should make it ideal for use in bathrooms. There is a huge selection available and it is quite cheap, as very often one cut of a standard roll, will be enough to provide two bathroom carpets.

The main drawback with using carpet in the bathroom is that it can get a bit grubby - especially around the toilet area. A bath mat can help keep this area clean or alternatively the carpet can be cleaned regularly.

After a few years the carpet might need replacing. Luckily, most bathroom floor areas are quite small so the total cost of a new piece of carpet is usually quite low. If you are planning the fit the carpet yourself take the old carpet out and place it on the new carpet and use it as a template to cut it to the shape of your bathroom.

Foam backed carpet is the most common type used in bathrooms, but any carpet can be fitted if required.



very inexpensive
warm to the touch
non slip
large choice of  colours

difficult to clean