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Bathroom Wall Tile

This bathroom sees ceramic tiles fitted above a bath where the user has installed an over-bath shower. Tiles are ideal for this environment as they offer a waterproof covering for the wall and a durable surface. They can prove to require more maintenance than some of the waterproof wall panelling systems available these days, as tiles require grouting and it is the grout that often requires maintenance and cleaning.

 bathroom tile design on walls over a bath

Providing everything is installed properly there should be no problems but when installation is not 100 per cent then problems can occur. When tiles are installed down onto a bath any movement in the bath can crack the grout, as this has very little tolerance to movement. Water can then get in behind the tile, cause tiles to fall off or damage the bathroom wall. It is vital that baths (and shower trays) are fitted as solidly as is possible to prevent any movement.

Other issues that can adversely affect tiles include the composition of the bathroom wall. Stud walls made from plywood can cause problems as the wood can expand in warm conditions by a greater degree than the tile itself. This ongoing expansion and contraction can also lead to grout cracking or even tile adhesive failing. Again, once the grout has cracked, water can penetrate and start to wreak havoc once it get behind the tiles.