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Mosaic Effect Bathroom Cladding

Glacier Grey mosaic effect bathroom cladding

Mosaic effect bathroom cladding is now one of the most popular designs. As well as looking very attractive the pattern also does a very good job of disguising the joint between the panels as the vertical grout line corresponds with the actual joint making it more difficult to see. The above image shows Decos Glacier Grey. The panel in a grey colour but it is also available in blue, beige, pink and green all with a gloss finish. Some prefer to limit the mosaic cladding to just the shower area and then utilise a complementary colour around the rest of the room although many opt to finish the whole room in mosaic. With ceramic mosiac tiles you get a lot of grout - and grout can be a major source of problems. It can harbour moisture which can lead to mould growth but the mosaic bathroom cladding has no grout so you get the looks of standard mosaic without any of the drawbacks.

Gloss finishes tend to work best in bathrooms, shower and kitchens - anywhere you would usually fit ceramic tiles but they can be used throughout the home if required.

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