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Gloss White Bathroom Cladding

gloss white bathroom cladding

The gloss white finish of this bathroom cladding is quite dazzling, which can help brighten up even the darkest room. The joint on this cladding is called a contrast joint. The panels slot together using a tongue and groove system but where they meet a strip of contrasting colour is moulded into one side of the panel making a feature of the joint. In this instance the colour of the contrast strip is light grey. The above image shows the panel in the gloss white colour but it is also available in Pink Marble with a white contrast strip. The brick-work pattern shown requires shorter panels than standard and are not suitable for use in wet areas such as showers or around baths as the end joints are not waterproof.

Gloss finishes tend to work best in bathrooms, shower and kitchens - anywhere you would usually fit ceramic tiles but they can be used throughout the home if required.

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