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Blue Wood Effect Cladding

blue wood efect cladding

Timber tongue and groove does look attractive but it can take a lot of work to maintain its appearance and it is not really suitable for use in areas with high moisture. This blue wood effect cladding is a perfect substitute as it is totally waterproof and requires no maitenance as it is made from pvc plastic. The woodgrain is slightly textured which gives this cladding a very pleasing effect. As well as walls, this cladding is ideal for use on ceilings. This colour is chosen by those looking to emply a "New England" look in their home and the panel can be used anywhere. The above image shows the panel in a blue wood colour but it is also available in beige, vanilla and ochre.

The cladding has a matt finish so it is ideal for use anywhere including living rooms, hallways, dining rooms, bedrooms or landings. Being waterproof it is also suitable for use in bathrooms, shower and kitchens. The panel is also suitable for use on bathroom ceilings.

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