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Bathroom Cladding Manufacturers

tile effect bathroom cladding

Bathroom cladding is now made all around the world with new manufacturers popping up all the time - especially in the far east where they are offering some very cheap options but with little track record of long term quality. Navigating through the myriad choices that are presented to the average customers can be quite daunting so we have included details of very well established continental manufacturers who both have large and attractive ranges of cladding.

Decos Bathroom Cladding Decos are a Belgian manufacturer with some the most popular designs on the market. Included in the extensive range are msoaci effects, marble and even cladding that looks like tiles. All are ideal for use in bathrooms and showers and come with a comprehensive guarantee.

Decos Bathroom Cladding


Grosfillex Bathroom Cladding Grosfillex cladding is made in France and is a top quality product. They led the way with providing panels that looked like tiles to try and convert people over to this more modern product.

Grosfillex Bathroom Cladding