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Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring has a higher degree of tolerance to moisture making it more suitable for use in bathrooms than other hardwood flooring (although strictly speaking bamboo is not a wood at all - it is actually a type of grass).

Unlike many hardwoods, bamboo is very fast growing, making it one of the easiest natural resources to replenish.

bamboo flooring

The strips of bamboo that make up each individual plank are bonded together either vertically or horizontally to give two slightly differing effects. There are two common finishes are Natural and the slightly darker Carbonated. The overall quality can vary depending on the manufacturer but in general the natural finish is slightly tougher than the carbonated.

Most bamboo flooring has to be nailed or glued into position, so it is not as easy to install as "click" fitting laminate flooring. Some bamboo flooring can be installed using the floating floor method but this can vary from make to make - check with the manufacturer to see which methods are suitable.

Always check with the bamboo flooring manufacturer that their product is suitable for use in high moisture areas such as bathrooms before buying.

There is an excellent range of bamboo flooring available online at